Swan River Press features the Music of
Craig Thomas Naylor

Band compositions for sale HERE! Updated choral and chamber music coming soon!

Gettysburg At 150 - featuring Craig's Unknown Heroes of the Civil War trilogy

"Craig is an active composer with many prestigious commissions to his credit, and he's in demand for obvious reasons: he has a talent for spinning sensational melody lines into fine ear candy. This album was on the short list for the recent Grammys in classical music, and I say pick it up. If it leads you to learn more about the War Between the States, all the better."
- Mariss McTucker, Lively Times

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1. Cenotaph (Fanfare for Band)...... Jack Stamp (1:49)
2. Gettysburg, The Third Day...... Jay Dawson (9:18)
3. Shenandoah...... Frank Ticheli (6:44)
4. Cousins...... Herbert Clarke / Herbert L. Clarke (5:03)
5. Ashokan Farewell...... Jay Ungar (4:08)
6. Unknown Heroes of the Civil War~1. Enduring Honor, for Elizabeth Van Lew and the Richmond (Virginia) Underground and the "fulfillment of prophesy"...... Craig Thomas Naylor (7:50)
7. Unknown Heroes of the Civil War~2. We Are All Americans, for Colonel Ely S. Parker...... Craig Thomas Naylor (9:35)
8. Unknown Heroes of the Civil War~3. Yes, I Want To Cross Over, for John Washington...... Craig Thomas Naylor (5:29)
9. The Blue and the Gray...... Clare Grundman (9:43)
10. Gettysburg Triumphant...... F. William Sunderman (2:20)